2 .Use of the Border’s line
  (1) Basic operations
    @ Click the cell you want to fill's “Borders" .

   A Click "Home"tab.
Click the "down triangle" next to the border's button, and display the breakdown.
    C  Select "More Borders"

@ At the "Border" tab
A Select a "Border Style" you want to use.
B Select a color.(See following image)
C Select a border
  Choose the direction of the border:
     Horizontal line at the top or bottom,
     Vertical line on the left or right,
     Diagonal line which is entry to the lower right or lower left are available.

   You can also select multiple borders in a cell.
   In addition, it’s also available in the same cell, each borders color or styles are different.
   (However, diagonal lines must be the same style, the same color in one cell.)

   Let's make a piece called


   Select four cells as shown below.
   (Click while holding down the control key to select the cell after the first two.
   So you can select more than one cell at a time.)

   @ Select a "Border Style".
   A       "Color"
   B       "Direction"
   Select two cells as shown below.
   Choose the Color and Style same as the previous one.
   Select the diagonal line in the opposite direction
   It is okay if looks like the figure below.
   Spread the basic shape.
   At first do "Copy & Paste" one by one.
   Next, do "Copy and Paste" cells together in some extent.
   Did you make a pattern like this?

Let's make a piece called 

        "Japanese style stripes"


   Set the cell size 15 pixels both Width and Height.
   Select cells in the range of about 30 horizontally and vertically.
   Fill cells with dark color.

   Select cells from R1C2 to R30C2 vertically.

   @ Select heavy line
   A Select black or blue close to black
   B Click both vertical line

   Select cells in the following image shows.
   (Click while holding down the Control key from the second cell,
   so you can choose at the same time the cells of two or more.)
   @  Select bondage line style
   A  Select light blue color
   B  Set the diagonal line crosses
   Then select the whole pattern, and paste it into the cell of R12C4 and R22C4

   Copy the border from R1C2 to R30C2 and paste into R1C10, R1C18 and R1C26.

   Select the cell of "R3C12 to R3C16" and "R7C12 to R7C16"
   @  Select double line
   A  Select light green color
   B  Set the line Top and Bottom
   Select the cell of "R2C13 to R8C13" and "R2C15 to R8C15"
   @  Select double line
   A  Selectl ight green color
   B  Set the vertical line on both sides
   Copy the border from R2C12 to R8C16 and paste into R12C12 and R22C12

    Now, you can make a pattern. So you can expand it horizontally and vertically
   Copy the cell of "R1C3 to R30C18" and paste to R1C19

OK, You did a great job!
  Challenge to new works