3-1 Preparation for making a pattern in Excel.
  a. Change the cell size as appropriate to pattern you are trying to make.

    At first click "ALL Select buttons" in the upper-left corner of the worksheet.

   Then, you will notice all cells’ color changed to dark color, without one cell of the top left.
  Put the mouse pointer between A and B
  Then, your mouse pointer is replaced with the shape of a cross.
  Slide the mouse pointer horizontally to the left or right direction.
  And stop it when it becomes appropriate width.
  Remember the number of pixels of cell size at that point.
  In the same way, you can set the height of rows.
  Put the mouse pointer between "1" and "2".
  Then, your mouse pointer is replaced with the shape of a cross.

  Slide the mouse pointer vertically to the upper or lower direction.
  And stop it when it becomes appropriate height.
  In this case, the height of cells are considered to cell width equal to or an integer multiple of cells width.


 3-2 Preparation for working efficiently.

  a. Replace the columns’ letters which identifies position of the cell to numbers.

  In Excel, in spite of row number are displayed in numbers but column numbers are displayed in letters.
  However, if you want to design with Excel, it’s easy to understand if both column numbers and row numbers are displayed in numbers.
  View this example. Don’t you think that right side image is easier than left one?

  Anyway, you can custmize Excel by configuring the Excel Options.

  b. Make good use the "copy and paste"
  When you want to fill color cells from R2C3 to R5C3, you need not repeat for each cells four times the same procedure.

  Select first one (R2C3) and fill color.
  After that, position the mouse over the bottom -right corner of the cell.
  (shape of mouse pointer changes to cross-shape)
  Click and drag closs-shape down to R5C3.

  This way is useful for not only “from the top to bottom” but also for the copy “from the bottom to the top”, ”from left to right ” and “.from right to left”
  In addition, you can also copy together a plurality of cells.

  When you want to select not connected or individual cells
  click in the first cell and hold down "Ctrl key" .
  And then click in each other cells that you want to add.


 4. Some tips.
  a. Turn Off Paste Options Botton

  Have you ever number the" Paste Options button" is annoying?
  You can easily turn off>

  Follow these steps
  1. Click File, click Options
  2. On the Advanced tab, click to clear the Show Paste Options buttons check box.
  3. Click OK.

 c. If you want to erase the borders of the original in Excel like following image.

  follow these steps
  1. Click View
  2. On the Show tab, to clear the Gridline's button check box.