How to enjoy "Paint Calligraphy"
At first, start "Paint"

Now, the most essential part of this Calligraphy is
When you write a Character
" While pushing the shift key Drag your mouse".

The next important is gHow you make a tip of a writing brushh.
gThe Shape of tiph or gCombination of colors of tiph are very important.

Take out a simple figure like a triangular & etc from the gWingdingsh in "the Font list boxh
    uv. You can get from yourKeyboad.


A handwriting changes slightly at the dragged speed.
The left side is an example of the speedy dragging and the other is slowly dragging.

Let's try to creating A Work.
At first, create a tip.

Next, Let's make a copy.

Paint out a new figure with another color.

Move a little and pile up these two figures..

Make a copys and increase the number of pictures.
Transform some of them.


Let's write characters.
QD.I will Show you same samples.